Skate Ninja - Interactive Tablet Application Prototype

Interface Design
graphic design, interface design, photography, cinematography
illustrator, after effects, final cut pro, photoshop
Jason Procyk, Andrew Wong

Skate Ninja is an interactive prototype for a proposed digital tablet application targeted at skateboarders. Designed/developed as a conceptual mockup in Adobe Flash. The goal was to design a wayfinding application for skateboarders to locate and find areas and obstacles that they would like to skate. There is a potential social application of sharing information about where to skate, as well as sending out alerts to avoid the authorities in the area.


My team developed a concept for a wayfinding application for skateboarders. We created a Flash prototype in order to demonstrate the functionality of how this application would work on an actual digital tablet such as an iPad.

The application's wayfinding functionality allows the user to mark waypoints of specific obstacles (and view them) that the user can then use to map out a skate path. To complement this type of functionality, the search functionality allows the user to view obstacles in a specific radius from where the user is located.


We developed a few ideas on how to organize the information. There was also a back and forth regarding the aesthetics of the application due to our target audience but negotiating that with the aesthetics of a digital device. We also had to consider the possibility of alternate modes for using the interface depending on the context of the user's needs at the time. As this was intended for a tablet device, we explored the different types of gesture actions as well to give a variety of control with special swipe/finger combination gestures to provide an advanced user paradigm.

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