Interaction Design Methods
interaction design, usability research, graphic design, photography
illustrator, photoshop
Khalid Abdullah, Arvindar Gill, Wayne Hsu

Understanding the needs of prenatal yoga women to address a potential problem. Ember is an interaction design research project about understanding our research target of a prenatal yoga group. We applied interaction design methods to try to empathize and understand our participants.

Ember - Design Study on Prenatal Yoga group

We performed design research through application of design methods such as cultural probes, affinity diagramming, persona generation, journey frameworks, informances, low-fidelity prototypes, participatory design workshops, medium-fidelity prototypes, user testing evaluations, and final prototype iteration.

Research Journey Framework

Our research led us to many insights, but the primary one was about understanding the iterative process of interaction design. Our initial assumptions about the problem scope were incorrect and this was corrected once we tested with our users. The process of user engagement in the design process was critical for the team to revise our rationale towards solving an actual problem.